WELTA – Wins Award!!

October 13, 2016 by choralstimulation


Having already won the coveted Swingles’ Award for Originality, WELTA has now been crowned the Best Music Production at the prestigious SAE Alumni Awards! SAE is the world renowned School of Audio Engineering (SAE). Recent graduates include Florian Lagatta and Jonathan Lee who have both scooped Grammys for engineering Get Lucky by Daft Punk and Drunk in Love by Beyonce. The Choral Stimulation music director (MD), Tony McHugh, is the latest talent to pass through the college. The college has 150 campuses across the globe and thus thousands of high calibre creative graduates. From which, Tony has been recognised for producing Who Even Listens to A Cappella (WELTA). Tony masterminded the concept for the comical song, arranged the music, wrote lyrics, directed the singers, recorded and mixed the audio – and then produced a viral video to boot! So he certainly deserves an award! In a genre which is niche but growing rapidly in popularity, original content is surprisingly rare. For an a cappella group to reflect and self deprecate upon the state of affairs is definitely outside the box. Which explains the 100,000 Facebook views in 48 hours! Tony’s creative genius and audio production skills are a talent not to be wasted. He has this month made the bold step of moving to the epicentre of the UK music scene and is now partnered with Webb Street Studios in London specialising in a cappella production. Choral Stimulation past and present are stoked to see, arguably our most successful MD, not only continue to embrace a cappella but make a career from it. Well done Tony! You are a boss (no offence Mr Webb).


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